21 March 2008

Self Portrait with My Baby

I love seeing her wittle dimple in this one :)

And just to multi-task:

Hubby has day free
Off we go to run errands
Then a night away.

Home away from home -
Relaxing, cottage style.
Play with baby there.

But don't you worry -
We'll be back to the rat race
in time for bunny.


Anonymous said...

enjoy your time away!!

Andria said...

Cute pic! You both have such pretty blue eyes.

Scylla said...

Beautiful picture and Poem!

Jenni said...

What a lovely picture! Happy Haiku Friday!

Tiffany said...

Cute picture! I LOVE the dimple!

Kathryn said...

Have a fabulous time at the cottage. It sounds lovely!
Great pic!

gooksu said...

you guys are adorable here!!