22 March 2008

Did You Hear the One About...

Hubby and I were talking the other day about someone he knows of who remembers (and then repeats) jokes all wrong. For us, the messed-up version becomes an even funnier joke than the actually funny joke.

In honor of our conversation, a joke:
Two oysters walk into a bar.....the third one ducks. Hahahahaha... Get it? Oysters walk in to a BAR - like a solid bar... but the third one doesn't walk into it, cuz that would HURT!

Trust me, that joke will be much more amusing if you're sitting around eating oysters and drinking wine. Probably a lot of wine. Well, it still won't be funny to the oysters, but you get my drift. The amount of wine you'd need to drink to make my joke funny probably won't be good for you, but the oysters will! They're tasty and healthy.

Actually, would it really hurt when they walked into the bar? I mean, they have shells and all, right? Hmm...

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