20 March 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Third Edition

Today? Thirteen things I could (or should!) do before my Lia Sophia party tonight!

1. Make the nacho dip!
2. Bake the bunny cookies.
3. Bake the brownie bites.
4. Make the lemonade.
5. Make the sugar-free drink.
6. Clean the toilet.
7. Dust the living room?
8. Clear off the kitchen counters.
9. Look at the catalog...again!
10. Dress the baby.
11. Feed the baby.
12. Pack the diaper bag for hubby to take along with the baby.
13. Put on make up, do my hair, finish getting dressed...

Apparently this list is a lot more than thirteen! Uh-oh!

I do love having direct sales parties. Since I used to be in Partylite, I appreciate that someone is potentially making a living from my business, and not in corporate America. By having the parties in my home, I not only help them, I am supporting my shopping addiction while not spending as much. You do realize that by having home shows you usually get lots of free stuff, right? I do this at least once a year with Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, and of course Lia Sophia. In the past, I've also had parties for Longaberger baskets, Passion Parties, Stampin' Up and Tupperware (but it's been over ten years for that - may be time for another one!).

What is your favorite home show to have? There are a lot to choose from, and I need to know if I'm missing a good one!


siteseer said...

trust me, you've covered them all lol. Glad you have them cause I can see new products and I don't have to clean the house lol

Sonja B. Photography said...

Pure Romance :)