22 February 2008


I found another great blog advertising network! At Smorty.com, advertisers can make connections to advertise on blogs. Bloggers in the network will (while getting paid to blog) give their opinions and link back to the advertiser's site. It's a win-win! Where else do I go for references except the internet, right? This way I can see what my friends think of sites, while helping my friends make money blogging!
More good news? The starting pay is higher than some other sites that pay for links in your blog, and they pay more frequently than some (according to a link on their blog - I'm still going on faith here :) ). Things to keep an eye on - also from their blog: Posts do have to be 150 - 400 words. While it is technically more than some other post requirements out there, it isn't astronomically hard to reach if you have something to say.
So get out there! Tell your friends all about the great stuff you find! And make a few bucks in the process!

1 comment:

Andria said...

Oh, thank you for the heads up! Is there a referral code or link (to give you credit) for when I sign up?