22 February 2008


Thanks to J.C. and Kelly for the great idea.

Things I'm grateful for:
1) My darling husband and the family we've made. He's the love of my life. I can hardly even remember life before him, and I usually don't want to.
2) The wonderful family I was born into. The stories of dread I hear about other people's families only make me appreciate mine more every day. Without my mom's support especially, I'd have gone crazy a very long time ago.
3) My beautiful baby girl. She's given new meaning to my life.
4) My health, and that of my family. I know I frequently don't do as well as I should taking care of myself, and I'm very thankful that nature lets it be a good enough job.
5) Having ends that meet. Just barely, sometimes, but they always do seem to meet in the end.


Kelly said...

Great list!

gail said...

Very awesome list!

Daily Verses said...

Nice list. You have a beautiful way with words.

Carolyn said...

Isn't gratitude a refocusing experience? I decided this year that gratitude would be my mantra. And now even when days aren't what I would qualify as full of gratitude. I find some anyway. It's on my "other blog". http://blessedandgrateful.blogspot.com/

siteseer said...

you do have a way with words! And I too love our relationship

Andria said...

such a great list :)