12 December 2007

And Then Holidays, too?

So I'm so busy counting down to going home, I keep forgetting Christmas is like as soon as we get there! I've ordered some stuff for hubby, but I've (sadly enough) gotten nuthin for baby Maggie. I guess I'm primarily thinking that everyone else will spoil her rotten, and she won't really remember if I don't get her much anyway. My own request list is pretty modest too. Hubby asked what I wanted, and I told him I don't want anything as fancy as diamond rings, I'd just go for diamond earrings. Hahahahaha.... He asked, right?


Steph said...

Im sure your Christmas will be wonderful and Maggie wont notice what she got! Gabes only getting stuff because Liv believes in Santa. lol

Anonymous said...

From what I saw at Aunt Shannon and Uncle Randy's she is definitely being spoiled. :)