12 December 2007

and...Eight More Wake-Ups!!

It occurred to me earlier that my number of wake-ups is actually one less in this apartment than the total. Which is to say, the night before we fly out we're getting a hotel in Frankfort. So I only have seven more wake-ups in the bed I'm sleeping in currently, and one wake-up at a hotel in Frankfort. THEN I get to go home :)

But - here are some things I'll MISS about Germany:
1) Unlimited hot water. I <3 me a long, hot shower! I've yet to actually run out of hot water here - the shower can always be as long and as hot as I want it!
2) Natalie, Claus and Claudia. The great friends and neighbors we've made in Germany.
3) Being able to walk to the store. I probably could walk to the store at home, but I'd be dodging cars without the nice sidewalk I have on my short walk here.

Oops! That's a start, but I've got a squirmy baby on my lap - more later!

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Steph said...

Its nice to see that there are things about Germany.