03 October 2007

Working for Da Man

I am so relieved to have gotten the work-at-home job I needed so much. While the love of my life spoils me quite a bit already, there are a few debts I'm still working on whittling down. One of them is my student loan. After nearly ten years of university study to get a four year degree, the amount I owe really added up. Then as soon as I finished school, I was so burned out I spent time not working. Since I already had a student loan consolidation, it was a little too easy to call them up and skip a few payments...for like a year. Now there's no more 'grace' left, and I need to come up with nearly $200 each and every month just for my remaining student loan debts. So I keep working, and make sure the job opportunities I take are enough to meet my budget for my student loan and other private loans. It can be done, with a sound plan.

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