04 October 2007


I hope Maggie's smarter than I was when I was dating. This morning I was thinking back to one guy in particular that I dated for a couple years, I think, with a nice 'break' in the middle.

We first went out when I was in high school, and it was completely uneventful. We went out for a summer or so, then split up. No problems. (Well, my mom would have thought there was a problem, since he was out of school and she didn't know it..but whatever. :D ) Some evenings, we'd double date with a friend of his and my best friend. She was never crazy about the idea (his friend was kind of a doofus), but we had fun together.

I called him again when my best friend died. I was just looking to talk to anyone who had known her, more or less. He and I started going out again. This time wasn't so simple. He 'forgot' when we started going out that he already had a girlfriend. Asshole. I finally found out and called the whole thing off, which was when he really turned on the charm. He was waiting for me after work with roses a couple times a week, and swearing she was gone and he'd never stray again. Unfortunately his whole family still thought I was a hussy. Dummy-heads.

The problems accelerated in a hurry when he was in a construction accident. He had someone call me to come to the hospital, and his mom called the other chick. Can you say awkward?? Waiting for him to come out of the hospital after surgery were his mom and sisters, me, his 'other' girlfriend and her sisters. I finally called my parents and they came out to. What a party, eh? And can I leave him when he's sick/injured? I should have, but that's hindsight now.

It all came to a head after he was out of the hospital, when she turned up on my doorstep and was threatening me. I was sick of it and called the cops. After looking into things, the cops called me back to say they'd found her at his house, hanging out. Whatever. It was finally over for good.

I wish there was something I could do to keep Maggie from making the same mistakes and being dumb over men. All I can do is encourage her own self confidence so she can hopefully know and believe that she deserves the very best!!

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Anonymous said...

I think we all have those people that we allowed into our lives as romantic interests and look back and say "WTF was I thinking?". Sometimes life is messy, and we can just hope and pray that our children just escape relatively unscathed.

((BIG HUGS)) I'm glad you got rid of that guy.