03 October 2007

Passport Drama

So at long list we finally have a correct, certified birth certificate for the little one. Now we're back to the 'hurry-up' portion of our 'hurry-up-and-wait' game. We're trying to have valid passports for her and for me by the time we're otherwise ready to leave the country. The man said there's a place up the street from his office that they use to expedite them. Before we can go there, Maggie and I both need to have photos taken, then all three of us have to go together to complete the passport application at the post office, then the man can take care of it from there. Ugh! Too much drama!

While I'm busy fretting about all that stuff, I figure I may as well go to Social Security Administration office and see what the hold up is about her social security card (since it should have been here over a month ago). I'm not real motivated on that yet, as I can't think of a good reason for us to need her social security number before tax time...Am I missing something?

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Steph said...

Do you have her SS #? Cuz I have to have that for Gabe at every Dr's appt we go to, we've also had to use his # for the few state programs he qualifies for. Other than that, you dont need the card till tax time.