27 October 2007


Only one more wake-up! I only thought I wanted the baby to sleep when I was at home before. Today and tomorrow, I NEED the baby to sleep. Oh, and on the flight, too, please. Right now I've got her clothes all in the dryer, and I'm trying to decide what I want to pack for myself - from what's all over the bed! I can bring two suitcases that are not over 50 pounds each. She can bring one suitcase weighing up to 22 pounds. But I don't think she has to carry it herself, or else we're screwed! I finally called the airline (again!) this morning to clarify what I can pack and what I can carry-on (umbrella stroller, diaper bag, one back pack for myself...). Yikes! In 24 hours, we'll be at the airport.

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Steph said...

I hope it goes smoothly and she sleeps when you need her too!