29 October 2007

We Made It!!!

Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers...

HUGE shout-out to John (who says he only comes to the internet to check his Yahoo! and MySpace), for handling our luggage in Germany, the baby on the plane (even mommies have to pee sometime!), and waiting while worried but wonderful husband was stuck in traffic...for over an hour after we landed!

Still pretty jet-lagged and sore. Luckily hubby figured out how to get on the internet today, so I'm here. Otherwise wouldn't have been until at least when we move apartments - which has now been moved up to tomorrow. And do you think my packing was organized enough that I can just get out what I need and leave most of my bags packed? Impossible. This place is already strewn (is that a word?) with stuff from all three suitcases the baby and I brought, and we've only been here and awake for a few hours! Yikes!

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