27 October 2007

Party Time!!

Everybody loves a party, right? Personally, I like to do it right - invitations and the whole nine yards. You can send out birthday invitations (right, Steph?), halloween invitations (but not to me cuz I'll already be gone...) or even first communion invitations. I'm already worrying about whether I want to do a first birthday party for Maggie. And actually, I'm leaning away from the idea. I guess I'm feeling like a first birthday party would be more for Andy and I than for Maggie, so I'd almost rather save my energy for something she'll be able to enjoy too. But them I'm afraid that makes me sound like a bad mom. I have a feeling I'll get talked into the party, invitations and all.

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Steph said...

The first bday party really is for the parents and family. You can always do a potluck at home for just close friends and family. They can bring a dish rather than a present. You can do invites, but dont need to splurge on decorations as Maggie wont remember them anyway. :)