17 September 2007


Back into our weekly schedule, well, mostly anyway. I've got a few things to pick up, so I'm taking Ms. Maggie to Target this afternoon. A trash can for the nursery, some popcorn for my hot-air popper, girly products and then if it's not too late, we'll pick up lunch on the way back to the house. She's resting up for the adventure now. Hopefully her plan is to chill and take it all in, not save up lung power to cry. I'm crossing my fingers!

I'm more than half way on my Relay for Life donations. --->>>
Woo-hoo!! Go, me! Thanks, everyone :) I think we're going to take some of the lonely hot dogs that didn't get to go to the cottage for labor day out to the walk as well. The chairman of our team will have his RV there, so I'll pick up more buns and they'll have food for the whole 24 hours. Or at least til they get sick of hot dogs! hahaha

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