17 September 2007


So I decided not to say anything til it was fixed, cuz it generally makes me feel pretty stupid. See, my man has the TV routed like, through the VCR and a receiver, and maybe the toaster oven too (I'm not sure...). Well, he's taught me what buttons to push on the remote control to make it so I can just use the channel and volume buttons and watch some TV. All's good, right? Almost. The power went out Saturday morning, which resets the whole elaborate system. So I had to call him, while he was eating dinner four states away, and he had to talk me through using another remote to turn stuff on/off/sideways so I could watch TV. And while he did, I could hear his friend laughing in the background. I'm sure they were both rolling their eyes and saying, "Darn women..." Whatever.

In my ideal living room, we'd have a much better set up. Besides home theater furniture, there would be a big, bright TV with one remote that made the channels change and the volume change at my easy command. Is that too much to ask?

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