17 September 2007

Mission Accomplished!

We did it! Maggie did not get at all fussy during all of our errands. We went to the post office to overnight mail MORE MONEY to try and get her birth certificate corrected, then to Target for the stuff on my list (except popcorn :( ). The afternoon was going so well I splurged on one of those projection televisions - just checking to see if you're reading, hehehehe - actually got a cute outfit and another shirt for Maggie. On the way home we drove through Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch for mommy (nevermind that it was already after 3 o'clock).

Her big thing this afternoon was trying to sit up. She'd hold on to my thumbs and I'd gently pull her up, then she'd wobble around trying to hold her body in a seated position, with her big roly-poly head perching precariously at the top of her neck. Hehehehehhe...how exciting! Now she's exhausted from all the effort and has fallen asleep in her swing without any fussing at all!

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