28 August 2007

3 Days and Counting!

That's right, only 3 days til the big bash!! Woo-hoo!! Okay. I'm going to try and cut back on the exclamation points now.

Kind of an unpleasant wake-up this morning. Maggie and I ended up in the living room (she wakes up between 4am and 5am usually, and the swing can amuse her like I certainly can't at that hour...), so I was asleep on the couch when my man was leaving for work. I remember telling him, "My back hurts." I could go find the old post, but let's just sum it up and say I had back surgery last year. When she woke up (which of course also means I woke up) a bit later, I COULD NOT get off the couch. Excruciating pain. Huge bummer. I finally rolled onto the floor on my knees and struggled to get her out of the swing. Ouch! (Darn, an exclamation point snuck out.)

Now that I'm not pregnant anymore, I really need to do my back exercises again. As the surgeon and physical therapists explained it to me, I'm counting on my abs and thighs to do a lot of my lower back's work and hold things together. Unfortunately, my abs are shot from being pregnant (duh), so I'm really going to have to get back with the program, for Maggie's sake if not my own comfort.

For now, I'm doing some laundry (need clean breast pads, as usual), and she's chilling in the bouncy chair while we listen to some old skool Styx. Oh yeah.

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