29 August 2007


This has got to be my lucky day - but I hope it's not the only one this week! Baby Maggie slept from 11pm or so until like 8:30am (okay, we did wake up two or three times to nurse, but I didn't have to get out of bed for all that time!!). Even then, she woke up for a couple hours, but is now asleep in her chair again. I'm thinking I'll try to nurse her again, then I can try and get in the shower. And the pot roast is already in the crock pot :) Never mind that it's 90 degrees outside today and I'm generating even more heat...there's air conditioning in here, and that's what mom and I planned for the menu today.

If the good, mellow baby vibe continues, I'm considering trying to go to the mall this afternoon. That way we can get our walk in, I can pick up some birthday cards to send out, and I believe in my purse I even have something I got in the mail for a free panty at Victoria's Secret. Woo-hoo!!

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