26 August 2007

Last Sunday in August

Yikes! Next weekend is Labor Day already. We're having a big ole bash for a bunch of people we know from a web forum. It's going to be awesome! We're doing a Friday night BBQ here, then heading up to the cottage on the bay for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. At last count, we have people from South Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Louisiana, Texas and of course some local yokels too. ;) Luckily the cleaning people are coming tomorrow, so that shortens my to-do list considerably (of course, it also shortens my checkbook, but hey, who's counting?)

Still to-do this week:
  1. Write thank you cards for stuff received since Maggie was born
  2. Go buy BBQ stuff for Friday (meat, buns, soda, sides)
  3. Go buy birthday cards and start sending them again (I've sent cards to all of my and DH's extended family for a long time, but stopped cold turkey when Maggie was born. I didn't mean to stop, just got overwhelmed. Time to start again!)
  4. Leave stuff out for Purple Heart on Thursday (I think - it may have been last Thursday, since all my days/weeks run together...)
  5. Dream task list? Work on scrapbooking.

Today was wonderfully productive. My mom knew I was ready to crack up, so she came out to help me with the baby, and menu planning, and grocery shopping, and a bit of laundry (including re-making the bed, which I hate).

Go Mom!!

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Tiffany said...

Moms are awesome like that! Have fun!