03 March 2007

Grr....My preggo brain didn't need that! I suddenly had to come up with what felt like seven passwords (okay, it was two) to be able to add a post to my blog! Of course, that was nothing short of impossible, so I had to have them emailed to me, but whatever blogger does, I had to go delete my cookies before that could happen! I almost gave up, and what would you be reading then??
Working on cleaning my office this weekend while my man is skiing. I arranged to finally give away all of my consultant stuff from when I did Partylite A friend of mine has her own team, so I'm sure it will be put to good use. I can see myself getting into it again down the road, but right this minute I really want some sense of order in my home office, so I need the storage space those things were using up. She's happy to get it all, and I'm happy to find some space!
The baby and I are still doing quite well :) Over half way now, at 22 weeks tomorrow. We had another ultrasound since I last wrote, showing a healthy little girl yet again. All my first trimester tests came back normal, too. So now that that's out of the way (barely, since the office 'misplaced' the test results temporarily), we're done with the obstetrician! Yippee!! Barring any complications, we're just working with the midwives from here on out. It's more expensive (since stupid mCare won't touch an out of hospital or midwife attended birth), but worth it to me. I want the very best for me and my child, even if it costs us a bit more cash.

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