08 February 2007

Things are still good :) We had our last ultrasound today, and this tech also said it's definitely a little girl. Welcome, Maggie! We're off for vacation in a few days, then when we get back we have our (last) appointment with the OB and our next appointment with the midwife. Those of you just joining our little tale, I'm not due til July, but I'm switching to a midwife's care instead of the OB and the hospital. Delivery is planned at the midwife's birthing center or at home. That's all our plan, anyway...

I was REALLY down earlier in the week, but some extra sleep seems to have possibly set me straight. I went to bed last night by 8pm, and although I was awake for two hours at 1am (after using the bathroom) I woke for work at 7 relatively well rested. So why am I pushing my luck by staying up tonight? Baking some bread, and glad tomorrow is the last day of work for a week! Woo-hoo!!

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