13 March 2007

What started out as a rough day doesn't seem to have gotten any better.
First, as soon as I got up I found that the cleaning people moved my stuff. I really hate that. And my big, nice bath sheet (instead of a towel for my expanding body), had been switched with my husband's towel. Do I want to use something that dried his butt - albeit a clean butt - to dry my face? No. So I took ten minutes to get all fresh towels and put my shampoo bottles and such where they belong. I was already rattled and hadn't even started the day.
Then I get to work to find an email from my man saying he'd made a doctor's appointment for Friday, but not to worry if I couldn't get off work. Of course I could get off work. I emailed him back within five minutes of my arrival that I wouldn't miss it. A couple hours later he emailed me to say that his mom is taking him instead. Whatever. You're married. I thought we were a team. And by team, I mean the two of us being the core, not you and your mom. I tried to call him on lunch and tell him it hurt me, but I'm just the emotional pregnant lady.
So I'm stressed - what can I do? Not go out drinking. Not take a sleeping pill and check out for the night. I can't even dress sexy and think I'm making him jealous. I'm a lumpy old pregnant lady. And I don't have any friends to complain about it to, so here I am telling the whole fucking internet. Or all three of you that read this, anyway.

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