06 April 2005

While I was sitting here thinking about how yeah, I miss him, but I'm still getting a lot done and all, my bulimic cat is in the bedroom purging her lunch on the sheets. :(
Ordinarily, I'd be mad. What a pain. Now I need to wash the sheets and re-make the bed (which is usually his job, since it's my least favorite).
Today I'm devestated. Not just because I actually have to make the bed, but because the freshly washed sheets won't smell like him. Wah!!! He won't be home for over a week and at least before when I climbed into bed I could pretend he was just still watching tv in the other room, and I could still smell him on the sheets til he came to bed.
I can't remember the last time I was this mad at the fur-ball. Arrghh..

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