06 April 2005

Wow. I’m not too happy tonight. I miss him sooo much! I remember when I used to see people whose husbands traveled for business, and it sounded so important, and they looked so put together and independent, and I’d think, "Someday, that could be me."
Now that I’m with the love of my life, there’s no way. I could not be without him that often.
Thank goodness I was trying to plan ahead to distract myself – here’s hoping it works. From here, it’s got to get better!
Tomorrow night is my Longaberger basket show. A couple people have cancelled on me, but I’ve already gotten outside orders. Shopping should make me feel better. Sorry, guess I don’t sound convinced.

Well, it’s finally getting late enough to climb into my freshly made bed and catch a few zzzs. As soon as I’m done cruising by Poker Chips and Download Texas Hold'em, I’ll grab Being Committed (by Anna Maxted) and hopefully read myself to pleasant dreams. The book is finally turning happy again...just what I need.

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