03 April 2005

So far so good. I dropped my man off at the airport about 4 hours ago. He's currently somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean :(
He called me from the terminal - they had overbooked the flight (surprise!) so he took a bump to a later flight with a stopover in Amsterdam, but he also got moved to business class :D This is a good thing, as his 6'3" frame does not easily fold into the coach seats for the eight hour flight.
So far, I've gotten lots of business-y stuff done for my candle shows that have just finished or are coming up. Tomorrow I get to re-start my editing job for the new quarter. Yippee!
I already miss him, so I'm hoping to stay really busy.

I did see something I really liked at a direct sales open house yesterday. Have you ever used Close to My Heart rubber stamps? The consultant briefly demonstrated them for me, and I'm sold! They're more like window-clings that you keep on a sheet of plastic, then stick to an acrylic block to use. It's all clear, so you can see exactly where you're stamping! And she says they're cheaper than the wood block ones, since you're just buying the stamp part, and not the block to mount each one. I still need to finish up my obligation with Stamp Club, but then it looks like I might be moving on to greener (or is it clearer?) pastures...
If you have experience with them, please let me know!

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