15 October 2004

Okay, there's no way I can re-tell this as well. Here's my man's account:
Over the past few weeks, I've been noticing more and more "soot" flying around my house. I had my cleaning ladies come over today for the first time in a month (I asked them to skip a session, they typically come every two weeks) and they commented on how much soot had accumulated in one month. Being paranoid, I called up a local heating / cooling guy to take a look at the furnace and basically came back from the basement with a handful of rust saying "this was your heater core"

Fast forward a few hours and a new set of guys come over with a new furnace all ready to drop in. My woman and I decide to go out for dinner and let these two "professionals" install the new furnace.

Fast forward a few more hours when we return from Outback. As soon as I opened the garage door into the house, I am knocked on my ass by the smell of sulfur... which is obviously what the add to natural gas (otherwise it would be odorless). Holy crap, my house was a sitting time bomb waiting to go off. I go downstairs to make sure Beavis and his co-worker were still alive. To my amazement, they are still chugging away on installing the furnace.

I asked them: "Uh, do you guys smell gas?" They told me that one of my shutoff valves was leaking but they didn't figure it out until about an hour into the project, but not to worry because that was over an hour ago. they also asked for a glass of water since neither one of them were suddenly feeling all too good.


So now I sit here wait for these two ass clowns to finish installing the heater before I can go to bed. I guess it's not so bad, I'm sort of enjoying my "buzz" right now.

hehehe...if you don't hear back from me, you'll know why!

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