23 August 2004

Well...today certainly turned out to be a bonus day. I was supposed to work 3 days this week, then 2 next week, then be done with the temp job since June. After the half hour commute today, the not-so-bright manager was surprised to discover the computer elves hadn't mysteriously repaired the server over the weekend, so he ended up with two employees and no computer access (translation: no way to do work). So one of us had to leave. Faster than a speeding bullet I was out the door.
I picked up the cats and headed home to work on unpacking. So far so good. I've done a few boxes so far, and believe it or not, this is just a quick break - I'll be back to work in a minute or two!
So who usually goes to Cedar Point? We haven't made it yet this year, but the plan is to take the boat (yes, it's running!) down during Hallo-Weekends. I'm excited :D.

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