25 August 2004

Well, I'm home for real today. As scheduled ;) It felt so right to get up and make my man breakfast this morning, starting both our days off on the right foot. The cats stayed in another room last night - as far from the bedroom as possible...no one seems any worse for the experience.

I'm so happy lately, I'm easily distracted (yeah, that's what I'll blame it on...). Sunday on the way home from the cottage we stopped for some groceries for dinner. On the way out, I was chattering aimlessly (not at all unusual) as we walked to the car. We usually park further out in the lot than most to avoid door dings, etc. As I reached for the back door handle I heard, "That's not my car, honey." Once I realized he was, indeed, right, we were laughing so hard. "Did you think I drove a Honda?"
No, I promise I never thought you drove a Honda. I'm a girl, it was a silver car with four doors. Sometimes that's as far as I get :D
Thanks for keeping an eye out and protecting me from myself! hehehe

Well, there's laundry to be done, and a candle show tonight that I still need to pack for. Send me all your muscular thoughts - only a few more days of loading the car up from the apartment and carrying stuff into the house...then (finally!) no more apartment!
Welcome to home sweet home :)

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