18 August 2004

Thanks for your concern! I am still alive - barely ;)
Boating last weekend was awesome. I had a few issues with the crowds (I have bubble issues), but survived yet again.
My favorite happy moment from last weekend (sorry, didn't make it every day after all!) was when we went to a little cove on Sunday with some of the people we were with. All the boats tied off and some of the girls got that giggly way girls sometimes do... I was left alone, finally! I grabbed by book out of the cabin and spent the next couple hours sunbathing, napping and reading. HEAVEN! :)
My candle biz is picking up for the fall. Unfortunately I'm not giving it as much attention as I'd like to while I'm sooo busy with the move! This weekend is the big sale (the more I sell, the less I have to move).
Wish me luck!

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