11 June 2004

Yes, the scarcity of posts mean I am working!!! Yippee!!
It's only been 4 days or so so far, and it's actually temp work right now, but it could go to permanent! I'm doing stuff I like as an administrative/accounting assistant in a very small office. Send any Quickbooks and Access tips along ASAP! hehehe

More importantly, mine and the man's birthdays are this weekend!! We went to see my family last night, and got a shop vac (his request), an automatic scooping cat litter box (my request, since we're getting ready to move in with him) and I got my Shark Vac. I had called my dad during the infomercial a couple months ago and told him to get it for me for my birthday...they remembered! Mom did ask that anytime I tell anyone we both got vacuums for our birthdays, to also mention that we asked for them ;). She's right. My comment after opening was that I must be growing up if all the presents I got have cords - and I asked for them!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Darn, hit send too quickly. That's greats news about the job, fingers crossed!