18 June 2004

My second week at the new job is wrapping up! So far, so good. Unfortunately, the person before me was a complete assmunch. I've spent a lot of time fixing her mistakes, while trying to learn how it should be done...arrgghh!!

Tomorrow is my first boat trip on a, like, personal boat. It's not quite the man's (his is still getting ready for summer..), but a friend's that is just like his. I told him I've never done this before. He said my job is just to sit and look pretty. I said I'd try ;).

Had a couple of very weird baby dreams last weekend:

Very Weird Dream #1: I was at a baby's christening. Someone handed me the baby and said his name is Harold. She asked me to take care of him, because he wasn't ready to leave yet. Not all that weird, until I add in that this was a couple days after my Uncle Harold died. Unexpectedly.

Very Weird Dream #2 (the next night): I was at an amusement park or something and met this woman. She and I were talking and hanging out and really getting along well. I reached into my purse and pulled out my business card (and it was the one from my new job, and it was where I had put them in my purse earlier that week...) and wrote my personal info on the back. We decided to keep in touch.
Then she said she had to check and see if the pilot was ready. Huh? So she got on the helicopter - which happened to be med-flight - went to the hospital - and died.
The next part of the dream was when I was sitting in a hotel room with about 7 children from 3 - 12 or so years of age. They were her kids, and she wanted me to take care of them. Even though I'd never met them. Okay.

Your explanation? Especially on the second one. Although actually, a friend has just been re-diagnosed with cancer (she was in remission). But she has no children. Is my biological clock just ramping up for my 33rd year or what?


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