23 June 2004

Not real sure on the whole job thing :lol. Like anyone is....Next week the parent company is coming to see how screwed up we are. So I need mastery, and I need it quick!

But enough about work!

Yesterday afternoon I emailed the man a short message, saying simply, 'Hurry Home!'
So when he's home and the guy he's been practicing music with finally starts getting ready to leave, man says to me, 'Let me know the magic day,' (translation: when the woman-ly stuff is out of the way and we get action again...)
'Well,' I said, draped seductively across the bed, 'that's what the email was about.'
He promptly started in on a tantrum. 'If I'd known that, I'd have thrown him out a while ago.' hehehehe
So my frustration continues.....

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