08 May 2004

Well, the time is coming near to send good thoughts (or pray, if that's your gig...).
Last night over dinner he asked when my lease on this apartment ends...(end of summer). He suggested I could send my big stuff to mom and dad's and continue staying at his place on a regular basis (like I do every night now). Then I told him my big concern is my baby girls. I have two cats who are poorly socialized (100% my fault) and I don't want to give them up. And if I had to give them up, I really don't want them separated. He finally said he'd consider taking them if I was still the one taking care of them fully. Since that's the way it's always been, I told him I'll keep an eye out for other options, but I really appreciate him considering taking us on :)
Keep your fingers crossed it all works out. He's a guy, if it's in his brain months in advance I should be on track, right? I really hope so.

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