03 April 2004

On our way up north in a few minutes to get the other car out of storage. We've been going out for 4 weeks as of yesterday. Seems like a lot longer than that! Not to mention, next weekend we're going on vacation! Yippee!!

According to my records, I am so going to the Bahamas at the end of May, but I'm waiting to hear the 'official' word. Rumor has it they're not verifying and notifying til Tuesday afternoon! Yikes!

And last night's Tastefully Simple party was a big hit! Thirteen people showed up :O. Honestly, it was a tight fit in my lil apartment! I ended up getting $40 of free food from the sales of the show, plus since the consultant is a friend of mine who knows about my whole job situation, she gave me a whole bunch more than that!! Friends are good, and last night I was really feeling the love. :)

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