05 April 2004

I'm feeling like quite the magician. Well, not first off. I got home this morning from our road trip up north to get the summer car out of storage and my cat didn't come to greet me at the door. Bad sign. Sure enough, she's at the vet now with a probably UTI. Poor kitty. And my poor checkbook. $100 or so for the vet, and if I'm to go to New Orleans, LA this weekend, I need someone else to give her her antibiotics twice a day. Enter the boyfriend (hopefully). I called him and told him it'll cost between $60 and $100 for me to go on vacation this weekend. That's about what the girl at the vet's office will charge to pick up my slackage. Okay, crisis averted, right?

Luckily, got my last paycheck from the test reading job in time for the rent today. But I still had a stack of bills to pay. I put on my thinking cap and realized I'm getting about $350 from the candle gig from shows the last week or so, and then I called my mutual fund account broker to see if I can get that money. And I can!! Without penalty or anything (possible taxes at the end of the year, but that's months away, it can't possibly matter!).

All said and done, I should have another $700+ in my hot little hands by the end of the week....for about 10 minutes til I start mailing it all out to the hungry hounds.
But it feels good to be on track for now...

Keep your fingers crossed on the whole job-search thing (never heard back after the hard Sheriff's test...).

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