03 March 2004

Whoa. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And there is really nothing else to say about that! :D

Went out with the guy from the last post again last night....He still isn't trying anything. Sorta weirds me out. Oh, the other complication? He's friends with my brother, which may explain the lack of...action.
Tonight I'm just feeling whiny and emotional. Wait! I just remembered it's time for the PMS show....okay.
Anyway, watching Just Married tonight and thinking, 'Gee...too bad no one will ever love me that much... :(' Very mopey.
And Mr. Possibly-Kinda-Right has the cleanest house ever. And I'm a slob. Why would anyone want to live like this? So why don't I change? hmm.....
Really need a hug tonight. Preferably from him ;) But not here, cuz then he'd see my place and probably run screaming.....

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