26 February 2004

Here we go again on that roller-coaster that's something between new infatuation and unsatisfied lustful cravings (or maybe those are the same thing, I'm not sure...).

Went out last night with some internet friends and some IRL people who have the same internet friends. One that isn't really active as an internet friend but has known one of the IRL people for like 8 years (according to them...) was there. I'd met him before, but he apparently never made an impression.
Boy, he did now :D
We talked for hours, and continued the evening after everyone else....I hope he woke up with the same warm, fuzzy feelings as me. Absolutely nothing happened, but our common connection (a relative of mine) may have made that a little more awkward then it normally would have been.
I emailed him at work today, but not til late. So I shouldn't be disappointed to have not heard back yet, and I'm not...really. But it sure would be nice to hear back...and for him to feel that same tingly feeling I am ;)

For the record, I was even going, 'Whoa, how come you didn't notice him before,' before I had a drink in me. Sober attraction...novel idea...
Keep your fingers crossed for me...yes, again :)

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