29 January 2004

Well, last night was the final night with my buy-a-friend. Perfect timing, really, but by lunchtime I wasn't even bummed about the break up anymore. Whatever.
She pointed out that I am intelligent and emotionally rational enough to know the right answers to a lot of the stuff that confuses some people. Her best suggestion is to immerse myself more in my spirituality. It was truly great to hear from someone who should know something that I'm basically okay - I just need a little more faith, hope and peace. Repeatedly she's told me that she doesn't think I'm as messed up as I think I am.

Today's projects: lunch out with a friend, stop by and drop off resumes at some places I might enjoy working and clean and stuff around home. I think I'll rearrange the living room and hang up a couple pictures in the bedroom...am I the only one who gets some sort of weird nesting instinct when I'm single again and the place is all mine? hmmm...

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