04 February 2004

Worked on filling out job applications tonight. One for Borders, which I'll drop off at the local store tomorrow. One for the local university/hospital. And the biggy, the local county government. When I say 'biggy,' I mean freaking obnoxiously large application. 23 pages. And I'm going to have to add a couple. They want employment information for all previous employers. Zikes. Don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I have a tendency to switch jobs frequently. At 31, I've probably had over 20 employers. Do I know the dates/addresses/salaries for all of them? Hell no. Had to set it aside for tonight, but I must get up and finish it and get it in the mail tomorrow.

The good news? Went and had my taxes done today and they say my refund will be deposited in a couple weeks. What does this mean? I should be able to pay March's rent without borrowing more money from mom and dad.

Project after finding a job? Follow Natalie's suggestion for switching my blog hosting to include my comments and such...The price is right, if I had any money coming in.. LOL. Someday...

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