28 January 2004

Sorry. This should be the last pain-in-the-ass post on this topic: He said it's over. For sure. We were driving home in the snow and he was telling me how to drive. I said, "Who has no drunken driving charges on their record?" He has three, one with dropped charges. So he says I said he has two, and he got out and walked the 1/2 mile or so home. If he cared, it wouldn't be so easy to walk away. I was duped again. He said to throw away any of his stuff that's at my place. What about my heart? I called him back with my P.O. Box to mail back my key. I can't even put my futon back to a couch by myself. I'd rather stay alone than deal with this drama and pain. No one really cares. I'm so tired of doing it all alone.

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