16 March 2002

Wow. Wrapping up to be a rough candle week...

The chick for the fundraiser on Thursday left a message on Wednesday saying, oops! can't do it. Of course she needed an immediate call back that I got her message, even though leaving me hanging for a month was fine in her book. Whatever. I figured I still had Saturday to stay on track with my monthly sales.

Yeah. So Friday night I get home around 11:00pm to a message, "Hi. I won't be able to have my party Saturday at noon. How about a book party instead?"
Well how about. Swell idea. Would've been nice if you could've suggested it when you talked to me on Wendesday.

Are people all 'like this?' If you have to ask what 'like this' describes, you're probably one of them. My advice is assume that you are not the center of my life. There are many, many other things I could be doing with my time, but I've specifically set aside a few hours to work with YOU, get free stuff for YOU, introduce YOUR friends to some great products and opportunities.

Certainly, I get money and more business. But these things are obtained at an expense, thankyouverymuch. I seldom make plans to see my friends, or do other things I want to do. Why? Because I've set aside time for you. Please respect that. How would you feel if I cancelled on you within 12 hours of our appointment? Don't worry; I'm too considerate to let that happen.

Sorry, a tad bit frustrated over the whole thing. Hopefully by now you get the picture...

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