11 March 2002

So there's good days and bad days, and consistency is what will really build business...

Just called the person who booked my fundraiser this Thursday - an hour and a half from home. I took the day off from my 'regular' job to give this a shot.

She says to me (after we get the directions down pat, which is always a huge concern for me..) - "Let me take down your phone number again in case there's a problem when I check with the Social Committee."

Ummm..okay. So my presence is not yet even approved?!?!?! Hey, it's only a total of three - count 'em - THREE hours on the road and a whole day of my hard-earned PTO...yeah, why don't you check a month after we set it up, a few days before I'm there - why dontcha check with the powers that be to see what they say.

I guess we'll just see.

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