19 March 2002

Hmmm...not a heck of a lot new going on...hoping I make my candle goals for March - still need almost $700 in sales, with one live show and two book shows to go.

Wierdest thing...chatting with some guy online tonight..he says 'where do you live? i'm not a stalker..'

I reply by asking if he were a stalker - would he tell me? Of course I won't say where I live...

Good darn thing too; turns out he lives in my complex..

I still didn't tell him. It would just open up so many cans of worms...he lives like two doors down or something...we go out a few times...he sees J come and stay for a weekend..BLAMMO!..he's not a stalker, but he is a jealous psycho who kills all three of us when we try to head to Denny's for brunch.

No, thanks. (What?!?! It could happen!)

Welp, cross your fingers on the $700...I'm off to catch some zzzzss..

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