02 June 2024

Happy Birthday Month to Me!

Hi all! I know it's mostly book reviews or echoing silence around here lately, but I keep telling myself I can do better. And then I go get a few hours of sleep and head back to work. LOL

Anyway, here's life lately:

I'm still working as a regulatory complaint specialist and team lead in a severely overworked team. We just had another team member call in until they ran out of PTO...and then still not come back. I'll assume she quit. Hahahaha... I work M - F from 6am until I have to be somewhere else, which hasn't been much more than 8 hours/day with all of the kids end of school year stuff. Definitely ramping up my overtime now that they're home or at least don't need as many rides. I've considered slamming the overtime for a few months to pay stuff down/off and walk away to something with some sanity in the fall. We'll see.

Lots of graduation parties in the next few weeks, and excited to head to a Pride festival next weekend with my lesbian thespian and her girlfriend :) The lil dude always wants to do fun stuff, but we often don't agree on what that might be. Last weekend (two weekends ago, maybe?) we walked around ComicCon and caught a pre-release screener of the Garfield movie. Yay!

Hubs is loving his new job - racecar, all day, every day. He's gone a lot of weekends this summer, but the kids and I are certainly capable of entertaining ourselves.

Any items I need to include on a summer bucket list? I see Detroit promoting an Edgar Allen Poe speakeasy?!?! I've also been telling the kids we should check out the local college's ropes course forever - maybe this will be the year?

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