15 July 2022

Five Things for Friday 7/15/22

  1.  What. A. Week. I was able to work my regular four 10-hour-day schedule this week, which makes my weekend before fabulous, but a pretty intense work week. And then I even had a few activities after work this week. I'm definitely planning on a good night's sleep tonight!
  2. Tuesday we got to go to the Hub with Yelp to learn about curling! Curling was neat, and I learned that I am definitely still not an athlete. LOL It did get me even more excited for my work picnic next week, which is at a different Hub location. They've got a pretty fun venue going.
  3. So I was 'volun-told' to present to our leadership team yesterday. They'd traveled in from all over the country, and I got to give them a quick overview of what our team does (complaint response). It was interesting. I don't know a lot about who is who, since I've worked at home for most of my time with the company. And while I haven't done much speaking to crowds in a while, talking to these seven dressed-up people about something I know how to do pretty well (my job) brought back the same sense of accomplishment as doing my presentations from my 20+ years of doing direct sales. As bad as people talk about direct sales, I really learned how to present myself and read a crowd. Other people were more nervous about the whole situation, but I don't really get to nervous to talk about something I am confident about.
  4. The crazy part of the month is kicking off for me and the kids. Next week we go to Maggie's national baton twirling competition - AYOP at Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. And then we get home in time to host her birthday party and then start hosting our two guests who are camp counselors for Young Americans! So much fun in so little time!
  5. In book-land, my review for We Lie Here (3 stars) by Rachel Howzell Hall went live yesterday at Books I Think You Should Read. I'm partway done with two more (one kindle, one print book, as usual) and hoping to finish at least three or four books this month. Hopefully sitting and waiting for competitions should give me a lil time to read.

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Liz Parker said...

Sounds like a busy week! Thanks for the linkback per usual. :)

That's awesome that you have no problems giving presentations ... I hate it, especially if it's a large group. In HS we had to take an "Oral Communications" class and give presentations, ostensibly to avoid this, haha, but I get nervous still.