14 January 2022

Five Things for Friday

  1. Ugh. Rough morning. Yesterday we originally had dentist appointments scheduled, but when half the family didn't feel good for the whole beginning of the week, I didn't want the poor hygienist digging around in COVID mouths, so I canceled. But I didn't cancel my two hours off work. And then somehow I convinced myself as I left yesterday, that I was going into a three-day weekend. And I am. After today.
  2. So when oldest made it to school for a half-day, she told everyone she'd decided the next day she'd be staying home. Her reasoning? "Meh. My mom and I are all out of f*%#s." Yeah. She is not even kidding. Her frustration is all the kids who don't wear masks, or wear them incorrectly. Our district does have a mask mandate, but there isn't much sense when no one enforces it. That said, our county has also stopped contact tracing, and our high school of more than 2,000 kids announced just 16 cases of COVID yesterday. Yeah. I'm pretty sure my daughter could name more than 16 kids she personally knows at the school who currently say they have COVID. Methinks a few have gone unreported.
  3. I know I save my #5 for books, but my Yelp book club is finally starting - yay!! I was doing that social anxiety thing when I hadn't heard yet...I was sure they started but purposely excluded me. Because my brain hates me.
  4. We got to see the screening for Hotel Transylvania: Transformia on Wednesday before it's available to everyone else today. It was a fun evening. My son and I went and got popcorn from the theater to enjoy with the show in our family room. The movie was about as expected. I'd say 3/5 stars. The beginning was better than the ending, and the actual ending felt like they ran out of time and had to finish it on an all-night bender for production the next day. As sequels so, it wasn't bad. Check out your chance for other movie premieres and other freebies at Yes/No Detroit Deals + More on Facebook.
  5. Books! This week saw publication of my reviews for Treachery Times Two by Robert McCaw (4 out of 5 stars, with a giveaway still running til 1/16/22), Daughters of the Lake (4 out of 5 stars), and Inhuman Trafficking (5 out of 5 stars, with a giveaway running til 1/17/22). Treachery Times Two and Daughters of the Lake were read in 2021 for me, and Inhuman Trafficking was one of my first reads for 2022. 


Liz Parker said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I agree with Maggie, we are all out of F's to give lol ... Oy.

Rachel said...

I love that you and your son had movie theater popcorn with the preview at home. FUN! How are you feeling?