07 January 2022

Five Things for Friday


Yeah! C'mon 2022 - it wouldn't take much for you to exceed the past couple years...

Anyway, while my 2022 goals post isn't done yet, part of it is making these Friday posts. I've decided this is where I'll share not only my week, but my book reviews published, and new books received. No point in lying, books are kind of a big deal for me. My ten-year-old still doesn't believe me. He asks regularly, "What's your favorite thing to do when you're bored?" I always tell him it's reading, but he still keeps asking. Anyway, without further ado, here's my first week of 2022!

  1. I honestly barely made it til midnight last Friday before escaping to my bed. I'd gotten my COVID booster shot mid-day on Thursday, which was not doing my desire to stay awake any favors. That said, I'm grateful I didn't have noticeable side effects, and I've now done my part to protect myself, my family, and my community. So, starting the year off right :)
  2. Totally appreciated that hubs and I still had Monday off work for the holiday weekend. The kids were back to school, so hubs and I washed the new car (we took delivery on our new Ford Mach-E on Friday!) and headed to Fogo de Chao for lunch. I was able to go twice around their grand opening, with Yelp, and then a group of bloggers, but this was his first trip. Totally delicious - yay, meat sweats!
  3. Gosh. Then I went back to work. Which also isn't terrible. Our numbers are finally manageable (for seriously like the first time since I started in February - crazy!!) and I get a lot of satisfaction from my work. So, yay again.
  4. The kids are taking today off of school. Because, COVID Omicron is crazy, school shootings are horribly stressful for months afterwards, and I just can't argue anymore. Stay home. I'm over it. I always say five days in a row of requirements is excessive. Truth.
  5. Books! Since my final Show Us Your Books post, my blog published my last three reviews of the 2021, for A Beautiful Blue Death, To Love and To Loathe, and The Social GracesBooks I Think You Should Read also posted my review for All I Want. There are still two more reviews to come for books I read in 2021, but at least one of them still isn't published, so patience and all that, right? I'm also super excited that I was approved to read Keanu Reeves: Most Triumphant, which doesn't publish til April. There's a few 'stars' that there isn't gossip and slander about, who make you feel better about the whole world, amiright? So excited to read this book as soon as I can fit it in. 
So how's your 2022 going? I would say it can't get much worse, but enough of tempting fate, yeah?


Liz Parker said...

Glad you got your booster with minimal side effects! Having just recovered from covid I can tell you you do not want it LOL even though my case was mild. Thank you again for all of your hard work for the book blog last year and cheers to 2022!

Anstice Brown said...

Glad you've had your booster and not been too ill. Sorry you are having to deal with the fear of school shootings. It must be awful. I think you're a great mum for allowing your kids to stay home when they are stressed about it. Kids have so much on their shoulders these days.