04 December 2021

12 Days of Christmas - Day 7

While I already have two, I want more! LOL 

A new Holly Aiken bag is on my wish list. The two I have are a shoulder bag larger than this one, and one that's nearly clutch sized - barely holds my wallet and glasses, but perfect when that's all I need to carry. Now I've got my eye on the Piper, with a custom design, of course. It'll be big enough to carry my planner, along with my wallet and sunglasses, especially for when I got back to the office next year. 

These bags are THE best. The two I have show no wear/tear after years of use. A friend told me if it gets nasty, you can actually put it in the dishwasher - it's vinyl and seat belt straps! I did drop one in some mud once, and it wiped right off with paper towel and a spritz of my regular cleaner. So the bags are totally worth the investment, and I'm worth the cost of another bag :D 

Since designing it is half the fun, I slapped the whole screenshot of my new dream bag. Wouldn't that be a beauty for my daily trek, since I still rely on my paper planner?

Fingers crossed I can add to my collection, and take a bit out of the sting of returning to office.

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