01 December 2021

12 Days of Christmas - Day 6

 For years - maybe even decades - I've been wanting to have the perfect pair of black boots. I finally ordered some knee high brown boots a while back, and they're good...for outfits that I like brown boots with. 

But there are days when only black will do. I have some shorter black boots, but with skinny jeans or leggings, I need something to thoroughly cover the cuff. Knee-high, that is. 

These are just a random sampling from my search. What they all have in common: low heel, not a lot of decoration, all black. I'm probably a size 8.5 or so (sometimes reviews will recommend sizing up or down, if they don't have half sizes). And as picky as it sounds, the more expensive ones are hopefully less-likely to leave me with the black scuffed off and me coloring with a sharpie marker on my new-ish boots ;) I'm worth the extra expense for some really nice leather boots. 

If you have great black boots, where did you find them? And are they lasting well? I probably should have said something about a tread for ice/snow, but if it's bad I'll usually wear my winter Sorel's or my big Doc Martens. I just want something easier to slip on and off and a lil more comfortable.

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