10 December 2021

12 Days of Christmas - Day 11

I feel this is another thing that there's some variation of on my wish list every year. Pajamas! 

I'm not entirely sure what it says about me, but my most frequent motivator to do some laundry is that I run out of favorite pajamas. The highlight of my day is the end - I get comfy in my PJs and climb into my cozy spot in bed with a good book on my kindle, and the mattress heater set to preheat. Which generally leads my husband to question the hour vs me already in bed. 

These look really cozy. They're PajamaGram - Winter Pajamas for Women. I've got another style of PJs from PajamaGram, but these look even more cozy. I have the other ones in a medium size and a large size, so I'd imagine either size will work for these too. 

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